There are some things that are just too precious to leave at home and yet can fit into your pocket. Whether it's a rare and valuable family heirloom or an expensive piece of jewelry, protecting your valuables is necessary. Here are a few ways to insure your expensive jewellery:

1) Buy insurance on the item.

If you want to ensure that your expensive jewellery is covered in the event that it's lost, stolen, or damaged, you should purchase a policy with your insurer. Jewellery Insurance is generally not included in the cost of an annual home insurance policy.

2) Get a tracking device.

A tracking device for your valuables is another way to protect your jewellery. Some tracking devices can detect movement, and if it detects that the item has been taken from the location, it will send a signal back to your phone. This may sound like a high-tech solution, but if you don't go this route, you could still lose track of the item on a crowded train or bus.

3) Don't wear valuable jewellery in public transport when travelling with other people or during festivals.

A common suggestion is to wrap your jewellery in a fabric bag or secure it inside a protective pouch. The idea behind this is that if you're out in public and your jewellery gets lost, you won't be able to find it. If someone else figures out how to open the bag, they will have access to your valuables. Wrapping jewellery in fabric also limits its visibility, so people don't notice it. Admittedly, this can help prevent loss/theft in public situations, but this only applies if there isn't any other threat to your jewellery, such as an active threat of violence or theft.

4) Keep the item out of sight and not on display when not wearing it.

If your jewellery is going to be in the same room as you, make sure it's out of reach of prying eyes. This may work in public spaces but can be a difficult thing to do when visiting friends, family, or even at home. If your jewellery is on display, like a pendant or chain around your neck, your family may decide to move it out of sight because it could be a target for thieves.

5) Use lockers/secured safes with alarms and CCTV.

If you have an expensive piece of jewellery or some other valuable, it's best to leave it in a secure place like a locker. Locker options can include a safe locker placed away from the crowds at an airport or train station to high-end storage facilities. If you prefer the added security of being able to physically watch over your valuables, you could use a smaller safe locker at work or bring one home for short-term storage.

6) Don't leave valuables in your hotel room.

If you're travelling, you may want to bring along your valuable jewellery pieces but don't leave them in the hotel room when you go out. This is especially important if you're staying in a large city. If possible, take a photo of your jewellery and keep this stored with the information of where it's located or have it engraved or etched with the details so that anyone who may find it can return it to you if they come across it.


Whether it's a family heirloom or something that is irreplaceable, like an expensive piece of jewellery, you should never leave valuables in your home or on display. All of the options available to you can help ensure that your belongings are protected from theft and will be returned to you if lost.